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3 Polish Picks for Spring/Summer

Just wanted to make a quick post sharing three polishes that I love wearing during spring/summer months:


Essie – Cute as a Button

Essie Cute as a Button

My Ultimate Go-to shade for summer. This colour is so saturated and I find it is quite unique actually. It is a mix of coral-pink-red that looks so flattering on my skin tone and I think it will suit many others.

Essie – Status Symbol

Essie Status Symbol

I have to have a hot pink in my arsenal for summer time, it’s a must! This one is more of a jelly finish and gets opaque on two-three coats. Love it and will always have some sort of hot pink for summer!

Yves Rocher – 22 Rose Camelia

Yves Rocher 22 Rose Camelia

This is such a gorgeous baby pink! So soft and delicate.. Opaque in one coat, lasts days without chipping..  I love this one on the toes for the most part, but it works as a manicure too.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it inspired you to go through your own nail polish collection to find some jems for summer time!

What are your go-to’s during these warm months? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

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SEPHORA VIB HAUL (Spring 2019)

Can you believe that I have never purchased anything from Sephora during the VIB Sale? I’ve been shopping there since 2013 and this was my first time taking advantage of 15% off… I am not sure what took me so long, but hey – better late than never, right?!


So this is a small assortment of products I’ve decided to pick up. I am very very excited to try all of them out (or have my ol’ faves back into my life!)

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Well hello everyone!
Long time no see, I have been MIA unfortunately. This is due to the fact that I am due with my second child in less than a week. Life got a little crazy and honestly my energy level was just not focused on this blog. So due to this happening, I may post way less and I think I may halt the Project Polish for now. Painting my nails is just not something I’ve been into in the last month or so.

Regardless, I keep up with my empties and my Body Shop bag was getting way too full so I figured it is time to finally do a blog post about all my trash I’ve collected since February 😉

General Empties

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Project Polish 2019

Project Polish 2019 – Update #1

It’s that time again! Monthly update of my project polish. I must say, it feels pretty good to get back to painting my nails. Though it makes me realize how long it can take to use up a polish, especially a full sized one.


So I have pretty consistent progress on each of the colours, the most being in Yves Rocher polish. The issue with that polish is that for some reason the progress isn’t show on the side, so I had to hold it up against the sun to see just how much I have left of it. I really want to use it up in the next month or so. It is also starting to get thick and I have to start using a nail polish thinner which is never fun when it comes to trying to make progress on your polishes. Same goes for my Elf polish – I may be only able to use this guy with a thinner (already started to) and it is frustrating because I used this polish so much but due to the thinner – the progress isn’t as significant.

I made some pretty decent progress with the Zoya polish but I have a feeling that will slow down considerably now that we are almost into spring. But I have a feeling I’ll still use it on my toes here and there and will definitely pick up the pace once fall hits.

L’Oreal polish showed an insane amount of progress considering I only use it ONCE! It is super streaky though and you almost need three coats for it to cover your whole nail without showing the nail line.

The Essie polish is pure love – I absolutely love this colour, though it is also a little bit sheer. But I love how squishy it looks on the nails and the colour is stunning. Hopefully lots more progress to come once it is officially summer.

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Spring/Summer 2019 – Make up Tray

It is officially spring here! Well at least the sun is out, shinning brightly and there is no snow in sight…for now 😉

When getting ready for the day I found myself to be overwhelmed with the amount of products I’ve had to use. Due to my make up collection being not so big that I can fit it into a tray – I’ve had it all out on my bathroom counter. That began to cause issues as I purchased a few more things (see here) and just in general I decided I should rotate through some stuff, give some products more love and try and finish a few up.

Spring:Summer 2019

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[HAUL UPDATE] – The Body Shop Feb 2019

Last month I posted a haul of the products I got from the Body Shop. After trying them out for a few weeks, I finally formed an opinion and ready to share 🙂

almond milkalmond milk inside

Almond Milk Body Yogurt (for sensitive skin)
Let’s start off with one of my favourite products. This is a very light lotion, definitely the opposite of the body butter that I have used prior to this. However, despite it being light – it is very moisturizing and my favourite part – the scent lingers! I wake up in the morning (having it applied the night before) and I can still smell it. The scent itself is very soft, not overwhelming at all. So happy I have purchased this and would definitely do it again! 5/5

face oilface oil drip

Oils of Life – Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil
I was very excited to try this product as I’ve never bought an actual face oil before. After doing some research I decided to try this one. First off – the bottle is gorgeous and I would keep this even after I am done with the product! The oil moisturizes well and absorbs fast into the skin leaving a light glow (does NOT look greasy). I add one drop to my AM moisturizer and two to my night time moisturizer. I am even a little bit concerned that this may be a bit much for me once the warmer months hit. My concern with this product is the smell. It contains Black Cumin, Rosehip & Camellia Oil. I am not great with distinguishing scents, but overall the scent is very herbal and quite strong if you’re not used to these scents. The more I use it, the more I get used to it and the smell itself causes no irritation to my skin. However, I would prefer to have not had any scent or very light scent at that. I will continue using it and finish up the product. For summer I may just only reserve it for night time. I doubt I will be repurchasing this product due to the scent, hence only giving it 4/5.


Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist
A really lovely face mist that actually is make up friendly. Nothing smudges and it provides a nice boost of hydration in the middle of the day.  The rose scent isn’t too strong and it claims to have raspberry extract in it too that I am not able to smell. But yeah, a nice mist but nothing special. I may try the clementine scent next time. 3/5

Fingertip Makeup Brush Cleanser
I used this a few times, proved to be ok. This is a decent glove that you pop on your fingers and use it to clean the brushes. It is good for eye brushes, but not for face brushes. I have Real Techniques Powder Brush and that was way too big for me to use on that glove. So if you are looking for something cheap to clean your eye brushes with – this would be a good option. But it is not a universal type of cleanser so do not rely on it to clean all of your brushes. Also if you are not careful, the water from washing may spill under the glove and unto your fingers and then trying to dry that would be a pain. 3/5


Thanks for reading ❤