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[REVIEW] Benefit Boi-ing Brightening Concealer

benefit boing concealer

This is my second time purchasing a brightening concealer. I used Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector before and just found myself to really like that type of product as an addition to my regular concealer.

The issue I had with the Becca product was the fact that I found it to be too emollient and it looked very “wet” under my eyes. I always had to set it with powder in order for it to appear natural on my skin. I was hoping I would not have the same problem with this product from Benefit.

benefit corrector 1

First of all, the price tag is lower. Benefit costs 30CAD vs Becca 43CAD.
Just like with Becca, I got the lightest shade for the Benefit product. To the touch it does not seem as emollient nor does it feel as tacky under my eye as the Becca product.

benefit corrector 2

The product itself has a pretty strong pink undertone which works perfectly on my fair skin. It applies very creamy and with ease, I have no issues blending it out under my eyes. One thing I noticed though – make sure you take the time to blend it into the skin well because if not – it can slightly stand out against your skin tone.

The product itself brightens under my eye very well, though not as bright as the Becca one. However, I am willing to compromise with that if it means not having a “wet” looking under eye. As I wrote previously – I set this product with powder but I don’t need to do it. I can just let it be and it will stay on well throughout the day. With Becca, I HAD to set it, otherwise it just looks weird.

Overall, I am happy to have picked this up and I have been using this product daily, it became essential in my make up routine.


Do you have a go-to under eye corrector? Would love to get any recommendations!!!

Thanks for reading ❤

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[HAUL UPDATE#1] Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Blush – Holiday

A few weeks ago I made an order from colourpop and hauled it. I am slowly going through trying out their stuff and putting my thoughts together 🙂

colourpop holiday blush

colourpop holiday blush back

Let’s start off with a blush called Holiday in matte finish. The website calls this “a bright mid tone peachy pink”. I don’t see peach or pink there. I would say this is more of a coral shade on me with a slight hint of red. When applied on the cheeks it gives me that look of light sunburn, but in a flattering way and without the skin damage 😉 I heard people say that about certain blush colours and never understood until this product came along. I’m all for that!

colourpop holiday blush inside

colourpop holiday blush swatch

I use this product at first with my fingers, applying it to my cheeks and then using the Colourpop stippling brush to blend it out. The brush helps it to blend out into a more sheer colour which is what I prefer, but you can totally build this up to be more intense. It lasts a decent amount, 4-5 hours and then fades away (I got oily skin and do not use a primer). I do not mind that as it fades away in a nice way, not leaving any patchiness behind.

I have been enjoying this blush and it has definitely intrigued me to try out more of Colourpop blushes next time I am gonna place an order. But for now, gonna make this a staple for my summer & spring usage 🙂


What are your favourite blushes from colourpop? Let me know in the comments below!!! 🙂

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[REVIEW] Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow

hauled this product back in March, so this review is way overdue.

essence eyeshadowessence back

However, I assure you it is worth the wait!
This is one of the new-er products from Essence, their melted chrome eyeshadow. At my Shoppers it retailed for 4.99CAD. And while it can be a common misconception that cheap means poor quality, this product is something that REALLY disproves that.

essence inside

Look at that..

Are you done?

Look again. Isn’t it beautiful??? *_*

Ok sorry, I am gonna be more cohesive!

NONE of these photos were edited, this is how the shadow looks in natural light.

essence swatch

Anyways, I picked up the shade 02 Ironic which is light neutral bronze taupe with some silver sparkle. It feels very smooth to touch and applies the same. I preferred applying it with a finger either full on for a higher colour impact or tapping it gently on the lid to create a very lightly-sparkled lid.

It is very versatile product in that sense and I used it for my daily make up as well. I mean this shade tapped gently on the bare lid and some mascara – effortless chic look right there in my opinion. I used an Essence I Love Colour eye primer and it did not fade or crease and stayed on the lid nicely without any fall out.

For the price especially, I could not be happier that I’ve picked this up, it is truly a wonderful eye shadow and I would highly recommend it!


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[REVIEW] Salted Caramel & Macadamia Body Scrub


A few weeks ago I was browsing Shoppers Drugmart in my neighbourhood and saw this body scrub. A bit of a bizzare cap and the price (20CAD) threw me off, but then I read “salted caramel & macadamia” and the rest was a blur… I really wanted to try it out. Smelled it in the store and it really does smell delicious! If I could, I would eat it xDDD

I’ve been using this scrub for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, besides the smell – I can’t say anything good about it. For a pretty hefty price of 20CAD you only get 250 g of product. I don’t know about you, but when I exfoliate I am very liberal with my product and don’t scimp on it. So for amount that I paid, this would not last me a long time. I have not used it every single time I exfoliated (alternated between that and Calgon body scrub) so if I was to use it as my main exfoliator – I would be running through this like water.

The consistency of this scrub is also less than impressive for me.
body scrub inside

You can barely feel it exfoliate as the concentration of beads to cream is very small – there isn’t enough to actually feel the difference in my opinion.

So while the smell of this is fantastic and delicious, I would not repurchase this body scrub. Unless you like a very-very gentle exfoliation and don’t mind paying 20CAD for a smaller amount of product (my Holy Grain Calgon body scrub is only 8CAD for almost 700 g – triple this product and does a much better job) – I would not recommend it.


What is your favourite go-to body scrub? Share in the comments! 🙂

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[HAUL] Colourpop Cosmetics (lots of goodies!)

Ah I cannot contain my excitement!!!

I wanted to order from Colourpop for a very long time. Very-very long time. I mean, if you watch YouTube – everyone raves about their products. And I finally decided to bite the bullet and order. Plus they had a sale of 25% off their products!!!
I was nervous ordering from U.S – this IS the very first order I placed not only with Colourpop but from across the border.
Here are the things that I will discuss down below:
-My order & shipping experience
-First impressions of these products including the state in which they’ve arrived in
-Duties & taxes

the box

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Make Up Items I DO NOT purchase

How did your make up journey start?

I remember when I was 12-13, I started using tinted lip balms and got my first eyeshadow trio from Annabelle Cosmetics (Canadian company). When I began high school at age 15, I started using mascara and eyebrow pencil.

When I turned 18-19 I discovered the world of YouTube and beauty community. Quickly it developed into this huge platform of hundreds of beauty gurus and influencers. Many products were pushed and I found myself to be very much influenced by that. All of a sudden my make up routine began to have more and more steps. Face primers, eye shadow primers, lash primers, concealers, foundation, contour, bronzers, highlighter.. Who has time for ALL that in the morning??? I found myself to just prefer taking that extra 10 minutes and snooze as opposed to spending my mornings perfecting that elaborate make up routine.

A year or so ago I took a good hard look at what I use and don’t use in my make up collection. I was brutally honest with myself, decluttered a few products and realized that some of them are just not for me. I find they do not revolutionize my make up routine nor do they make me feel good about myself. This is what I want to share…

Stuff I do not purchase anymore:

  1. Gel Liners, Liquid Liners
    I used to LOVE Maybelline Gel liner and would try and perfect that winged liner every single time… For mornings or date nights, I would stand in front of the mirror and try it again and again. So much frustration. I know that there are many techniques that you can do to make “an easy” winged eyeliner. But I find I don’t even find that shape flattering on eyes and decided that I just prefer not to waste my time with that step. What I find I did like was a smoked out upper lash line via a darker eyeshadow. Much easier to replicate, less fuss and I get the look that I want.
  2. Face Primers
    Ok I know this may get a lot of hate..And considering I have oiler skin, why would I not use a primer???! Well, to me this is just an extra step, another investment via dollars to pay for a product & investment of time for which I do not find myself getting a good return on. I wear light to max of medium coverage foundations/bb creams that wear off quite well naturally and my skin is not something I cover up a ton so I do not need my foundation to “stay put” as my skin looks good once it wears off. So I just do not buy primers anymore as I do not want to do that extra step.
  3. Lip Liners
    This is just a step I do not take. I prefer to wear lightly tinted lip balms and lipsticks that don’t require much fuss. For me to stand in front of my mirror and outline my lip line or make my lips look bigger… Eh no thanks.
  4. Bronzers
    After I decluttered my Physicians Formula Booster Bronzer, I immediately wanted to go out and purchase their Butter Bronzer. However something told me to hold off. And I find myself not really wanting to purchase any bronzers anymore. I just find myself not missing that step in my make up routine. Lately I’ve been perfectly content with applying a blush and maybe some highlighter. Adding a bunch of layers just feels heavy on my skin these days. Could be warmer weather, could be just me being fed up with spending time doing something I don’t find a good return on investment 😛 Again, because I am so fair-skinned you’d think it only makes sense for me to “want to bronze up” but I really prefer embracing my natural complexion and “bronze-goddess” look isn’t something that I strive for on most days.
    NOW, this is category of products I am most likely to change my mind about at some point. I may try out a mini of some bronzers (Benefit or Hourglass one), but for now I am more interested in spending my make up money on other products.

What are the make up products you find yourself NOT buying/not feeling the need to buy?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love to know!!!

Thanks for reading,

Anastasia ❤

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[REVIEW] Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Make Up

maybeline eraser make up

So this is a tad embarrassing.. Just a tad.

I did not mean to pick up this product. In fact, I wanted to pick up the infamous Maybelline Instant Age Rewind DARK CIRCLE Eraser. I mistaken THIS product for the one I wanted to pick up. Plus it was on sale and that always gets me…


I was slightly disappointed that I mixed up the product but since I am the queen of “I hate returning things” – I decided to give this a go.

maybelline eraser make up close up

I found the application method to be kind of..gross? I dont know, something about this puff just grosses me out! I saw a YouTuber Zenorah talk about the analogue of this product (dark circle eraser) and how she removed the puff and just uses it that way. I find that method to be a lot better – no product is being wasted, no opportunity for bacteria to grow in that puff and cause me an eye infection. Big fan of that!

Funny enough – I have really enjoyed this product. With the first application of this product, I found the texture to be greasy. Not the biggest fan at first but then I found it made it very easy to spread under my eyes (yes I use this under my eyes as I intended to in the first place with dark circle eraser). My shade is 120 Creamy Ivory, it was the lightest shade available at my shoppers. It matches my skin pretty well and I would say it has a pretty strong pink undertone.

maybelline eraser make up swatch

I now use this product not only under my eyes but also all over the face as a quick full-face routine. I would say this has a light coverage and looks natural on my skin tone. I find the claim of this being an “eraser” to be very accurate – under the eyes it almost blurs my dark circles.

I am glad I decided to give this product a chance, will enjoy using this for sure.


Thanks for reading,

Anastasia ❤